11 AM | 23 Oct

10 Big-Spending Advertisers That Prove Tumblr Could Make $100M in 2015


On Tuesday, Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer told investors that Tumblr would likely make more than $100 million in 2015. In our series this week, we learned that the social platform’s millennial-leaning user base has grown 33 percent since Mayer and her team purchased it for $1.1 billion. And we examined how mobile advertising will be key if the company is to hit predictions like the one she set yesterday.

“More than 260 of the world’s top brands have a Tumblr presence,” Mayer said.

Whether those marketers are seeing a strong return-on-investment remains to be seen. But for now, let’s at least explore what some of those brands are up to, as New York-based Tumblr gave Adweek an exclusive look into how several paying advertisers use the social network.

For instance, appearing on the right-hand side and down the page are mobile promos from AT&T—of the Sponsored Post variety—and JCPenney (for an Arizona Jeans sale), which bought Trending Blog placements. And Starbucks employed the Trending Blog ad similarly last week for its Pumpkin Spice Latte. (A glimpse of the coffee chain’s ad—featuring a Venti paper cup wearing orange sunglasses—can be seen in the graphics here.)

But before delving into all of the creative, it’s worth noting that Tumblr has debuted four main ad products in the last couple of years. Here’s a quick explainer on how the system works:

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