03 PM | 30 Oct

App Turns Air Pollution into a Game


The air pollution app concept, despite its purpose, is extremely adorable. To explain the odd approach, the app’s Chinese creator Hélène Ly shares:

The aim is to erase the ‘hospital feeling’ of wearing a mask and give tips, some basics daily learning (little challenges) of how to reduce your own impact (single and collective) on the environment.

One of the most important features of the app is using air pollution and weather forecasts to notify the user of the need for air pollution masks. These cheap masks are widely used in China. The masks will be tweaked with a Bluetooth device so the app will know if you are actually wearing your mask.

Each user will get an avatar that is highly customizable. The cute creatures will then be fed and kept happy with “life points.” These avatars will share a virtual space with your friends, making it easy for you to monitor their status.

Life points are earned by completing the tasks on the app. This includes commuting to work instead of using private transportation, taking an outdoor stroll during sunny days, visiting suggested parks near your location and even buying fruits in season (less carbon footprint).

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