07 PM | 09 Jul

Apple Music review


When Apple releases a product, we’re usually guaranteed two things: simplicity and ubiquity. Apple has mastered the art of crafting hardware and software that everyone can easily understand. It’s a testament to Apple’s reductive habits — paring down its devices and services until your grandmother can quickly comprehend them — and it’s led to wildly successful products.

So now that Apple Music has finally made its way to the masses, we should expect more of the same, right? Well, not so much. Apple Music is messy, slow to load, complicated to setup, and missing some social features. Apple has created a music service that can be both overwhelming and sparse at the same time.

But despite its shortcomings, I have no doubt Apple Music will be a massive success. We’ve reached the inflection point in streaming music. Only 41 million people actually pay for streaming music worldwide, which creates an opportunity Apple is uniquely able to take advantage of. If you’re one of the 41 million who have been living with streaming music, there’s no killer feature that will compel you to switch to Apple Music. But if you’ve been out of the loop, or just waiting for Apple to make its play, Apple Music may end up being your sonic home. You don’t need to download any extra apps, it has all the music you could want, and you can get a free three month trial for the next 90 days. For users new to streaming music, Apple Music is good enough to get a lot of iPhone users to start paying for streaming music.

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