12 PM | 18 Feb

Facebook will begin letting anyone post Instant Articles


The gradual introduction of Facebook’s fast-loading Instant Articles format is about to speed up. The company said today that beginning April 12th, all publishers will be able to create articles using the format. The move, which coincides with the upcoming F8 developer conference, is likely to increase pressure on publishers to offer their stories in the format lest they lose an advantage over their peers.

The format loads articles inside the Facebook app more quickly than traditional links by stripping out most of the code and pre-fetching stories when you approach them in the News Feed. Publishers make money by selling ads inside the stories, which they can either do themselves or let Facebook handle (in exchange for a 30 percent cut of the revenue.) When Facebook introduced the format last year, it triggered an arms race of sorts among other big tech platforms, with Google and Apple both following suit with fast-loading formats of their own.

To read more http://www.theverge.com/2016/2/17/11027594/facebook-instant-articles-all-publishers

12 PM | 18 Feb

Google can now deliver fresh groceries


Grocery delivery services are becoming commonplace, and now Google’s getting into the game too.

Remember Google Express? There hadn’t been much news on the delivery service recently, but it will now be taking on groceries, including shipping perishable items in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Current partners include Costco, Whole Foods, Vincente Foods and Smart & Final. Deliveries via Express will cost $4.99, or $2.99 if you’re a subscriber, and deliveries are made within 2-hour windows.

It might be something of an uphill battle against Amazon’s Fresh grocery service though; the latter has an established marketplace presence in places like California, Seattle, Philadelphia and New York, and also offers 1-hour delivery in many instances.

Google has some catching up to do; we’ll see how its services expand as more customers turn to shopping online than visiting their local grocery store.

To read more http://thenextweb.com/google/2016/02/17/google-can-now-deliver-fresh-groceries/#gref

12 PM | 18 Feb

Yahoo axes Tech, Food and 6 other content channels


In a Tumblr post today, Martha Nelson, Yahoo’s Global Editor-in-Chief announced the plan to phase out several of the company’s digital magazine verticals, including: food, health, parenting, makers, travel, autos and real estate.

The move is an effort to focus on Yahoo’s four most successful content areas: news, sports, finance and lifestyle.

Not included in the Tumblr post, but reported by Politico, Yahoo Tech is also getting the axe and moving some of its staff, including former New York Times columnist David Pogue, to its news vertical.

While we might not understand the extent of the cuts for days or even weeks, it appears that the aforementioned channels aren’t all that Yahoo is cutting.

Re/code, for example, is reporting that the beauty vertical is also being cut.

A request for comment wasn’t immediately answered by Yahoo. We’ll update as we find out more.

To read more http://thenextweb.com/insider/2016/02/18/yahoo-axes-tech-food-and-6-other-content-channels/#gref

12 PM | 18 Feb

Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman Are Presidents Once Again in Chrysler’s Fun New Ads


Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman give delightfully cheeky presidential performances in Wieden + Kennedy’s new campaign for Chrysler.

Of course, neither man has actually been elected to our nation’s highest office. Still, they’ve both excelled at playing presidents—Sheen on The West Wing and Pullman in Independence Day. And now, they face off in a debate of sorts that works on its own comic terms while playfully (some might say pointedly) tapping into the current election-year zeitgeist.

In the “American-est” spot below, Pullman, driving a Chrysler 200, pulls up beside Sheen, who’s kicking back in a 300 model, and the jousting begins. Sheen insists Americans “deserve the most advanced all-wheel-drive system in its class.” Pullman concurs, but wonders, “Why are you wrapping yourself up in the flag?” Sheen counters: “I’m wrapping myself up in Napa leather, adorned with this Old Glory pin, so you know I’m patriotic.” When Pullman muses that Sheen’s rhetoric might be “all a little star-spangled nonsense,” the latter replies, “I spangle everything. Everything I own is star-spangled … everything.”

To read more http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/martin-sheen-and-bill-pullman-are-presidents-once-again-chryslers-fun-new-ads-169667

12 PM | 18 Feb

Apple and Fashion: A Love Story for the Digital Ages


For much of the last year, a pyramid of dug-up earth has loomed over the 175-acre Northern California park where Apple’s future headquarters, a vast ring designed by Norman Foster, is rising out of glass and steel.

“Hard to know which is more beautiful, the building or that pile of dirt,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook with a wide smile on a recent morning, as he stands among the construction crew in their acid-yellow vests and gazes at the tall mountain of soil, its stepped surfaces painted a dark gold by the sun. Not a speck of dirt is to be removed from the campus; instead it will nourish a forest of more than 7,000 trees, which in turn will nourish a village of some 13,000 techies tinkering in silicon. In its current form, the pyramid suggests nothing so much as Giza brought to Cupertino, as if that ancient triumph of human hands had decided to seek an audience with the high priests of technology.

From aerial mock-ups, the building variously suggests a spaceship that has touched down gently in a clearing or a softened, highly styled Pentagon, sure to contain as many secrets. The $5 billion, 2.8 million–square foot structure was originally commissioned by Steve Jobs in 2009, in what Foster describes as “a series of rather amusing phone conversations.” Jobs waxed nostalgic about growing up amid the citrus groves of Northern California and wandering through the outdoor corridors of Stanford as an undergraduate. He took the architect to the cathedral-like building on the Pixar campus north of Oakland, which Jobs designed himself with the goal of keeping everyone and everything under one roof.

To read more http://www.vogue.com/13401631/apple-tim-cook-jony-ive-interview/

07 AM | 13 Feb

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02 PM | 12 Feb

Clinical Discretion

Clinical Discretion

Medicinal discretion is really important in medical care considering that it handles the beliefs that come up on the specialist and sufferer relationships. Via the ideas, the issues regarding, respect, and honesty are spoken about.architecture dissertation topics Whilst medicinal secrecy may very well comprehend a lot of good results in many different parts of the health treatment, labors simply have focused on the quality of surgical procedures. The use of health confidentiality, being an honest tactic, facial looks the restrictions on account of the uniqueness with the health care like the socio-complex features. Healthcare professionals are invariably confronted with situations where by they make judgments with legalised and moral ramifications.

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06 PM | 11 Feb

Vibrating Jerseys Introduce a Fourth Dimension of Fandom


A six-five, 300-pound defensive lineman hits your favorite player on the field: Blam. You jump to your feet in the stands to see the call on a forced fumble, but you’ve already felt it deep in your chest. There’s a connection between you and the running back, sending a buzz via Bluetooth through his jersey to yours.

That’s the future of sports that technology company Wearable Experiments envisions. They unveiled the Fan Jersey during Super Bowl 50. The jersey uses haptic feedback transmitted from players on the field via Bluetooth and vibrations in the jersey. Wearers can feel sensations at 1st and 10, 4th Down, Interception, Field Goal, Forced Fumble, Red Zone and touchdowns.

To read more http://www.psfk.com/2016/02/fan-jerseys-billie-whitehouse-wearable-experiments-super-bowl-50.html