12 PM | 18 Feb

Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman Are Presidents Once Again in Chrysler’s Fun New Ads


Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman give delightfully cheeky presidential performances in Wieden + Kennedy’s new campaign for Chrysler.

Of course, neither man has actually been elected to our nation’s highest office. Still, they’ve both excelled at playing presidents—Sheen on The West Wing and Pullman in Independence Day. And now, they face off in a debate of sorts that works on its own comic terms while playfully (some might say pointedly) tapping into the current election-year zeitgeist.

In the “American-est” spot below, Pullman, driving a Chrysler 200, pulls up beside Sheen, who’s kicking back in a 300 model, and the jousting begins. Sheen insists Americans “deserve the most advanced all-wheel-drive system in its class.” Pullman concurs, but wonders, “Why are you wrapping yourself up in the flag?” Sheen counters: “I’m wrapping myself up in Napa leather, adorned with this Old Glory pin, so you know I’m patriotic.” When Pullman muses that Sheen’s rhetoric might be “all a little star-spangled nonsense,” the latter replies, “I spangle everything. Everything I own is star-spangled … everything.”

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06 PM | 11 Feb

A Bank Set Up This 10-Foot-Tall ATM to Celebrate the Arrival of NBA All-Stars


It’s not often you find yourself admiring a super inconvenient banking feature, but this time is a worthwhile exception.

BMO Financial, also known as Bank of Montreal, sparked some digital buzz this week by installing a 10-foot-tall ATM in its flagship location, First Canadian Place in Toronto. A message on the towering device made the meaning clear: “The NBA All-Stars Are Coming.”

An official sponsor of this year’s NBA All-Star weekend, the bank created the ATM to be the height of an NBA regulation basketball goal.

The bank’s photos quickly started making the rounds on Reddit, where the ATM generated a huge amount of discussion in the NBA subreddit. Bad news for those of you who might actually be able to reach the ATM: It doesn’t really dispense money.

The ATM is part of a campaign from FCB Toronto. Check out another shot of the ATM and an ad promoting the sponsorship below:

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12 PM | 28 Jan

This Art Director Built an Igloo in His Backyard in Brooklyn and Listed It on Airbnb


Looking for a cute little “Boutique Winter Igloo for 2” that you can rent on Airbnb for a few nights of chilly bliss? This one in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, sounds awesome: “Dripping with ingenuity and alt-lifestyle aura lays the Snowpocalypse of 2016’s most desirable getaway. Hand-crafted, and built using only natural elements—we’re offering the experience of a lifetime in this chic dome-style bungalow for you and bae.”

During the weekend snowstorm, Patrick Horton, a freelance art director at Publicis New York, built just such a snowy love cave with his roommates, Justin Seeley and Griff Jones. And they actually listed it on Airbnb, and even got five inquries to stay in it—before, sadly, Airbnb took the listing down (though not before seeing the humor in it).

“We are happy to see that you guys are staying busy and having fun during Blizpocalype,” an Airbnb rep wrote. “Unfortunately, your igloo, while very well constructed, has failed to meet our occupancy standards.” The rep also gave Horton a $50 coupon and urged him to “pick a place with running water, electricity, and a roof that doesn’t melt.” (Well played, Airbnb guy. Give him a raise.)

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03 PM | 26 Nov

Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign Gets Festive With Holiday Names on Bottles


Coca-Cola isn’t releasing a new Christmas commercial for the U.S. market this year, choosing instead to recycle the “Make Someone Happy” spot from last year. But to make up for it, the soda giant is rolling out some festive packaging—putting holiday-themed names on bottles as an extension of its popular “Share a Coke” campaign.

Coke’s new holiday bottles will encourage people to share a Coke with “Santa,” “Someone Nice,” “Someone Naughty,” “Under the Mistletoe,” “Elves,” “Secret Santa” and (femvertising!) “Mrs. Claus.” Aluminum bottles, meanwhile, will feature reindeer names such as “Dasher & Dancer,” “Prancer & Vixen” and “Comet & Cupid.”

Print and out-of-home ads will promote the new packaging, and include a couple of nice new shots of Santa. (Coke, of course, has a fairly robust claim to the modern-day image of Santa Claus, having been among the first companies—though not the first—to feature the red-and-white version of St. Nick in its ads, back in the 1930s.)

Source: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/coca-colas-share-coke-campaign-gets-festive-holiday-names-bottles-168331

11 AM | 19 Nov

10 Things People on Google Are Just Dying to Know About Advertising


When you’ve been immersed in advertising a good long while, it can sometimes be helpful to take a step back and look at it through normal human eyes.

Or at least through Google search suggestions. On a lark, I decided to punch in a pretty wide range of question starters about the ad industry. Here are a few of

Source: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/10-things-people-google-are-just-dying-know-about-advertising-168093

12 PM | 04 Nov

George Clooney Is Finally Pitching Nespresso in the U.S., With Help From Danny DeVito


George Clooney has starred in Nespresso ads in Europe and other international markets since 2006. (We’ve covered a lot of those campaigns, which have often paired the Oscar winner with other actors, like John Malkovich and Matt Damon.) But now, finally, Clooney is becoming the brand’s ambassador in the U.S., too, and he kicks things off with a spot from McCann New York co-starring his good buddy Danny DeVito.

Clooney and DeVito are better known for drinking limoncellos together, but perhaps they rely on coffee to revive themselves after one of their epic nights out. In any case, they make an amusing pair of friends, and their new commercial is theatrical and goofy—in that charming, lowbrow-yet-sophisticated Nespresso way.

The actors meet in a movie studio commissary, with Clooney wearing a war general costume and DeVito dressed as Napoleon. Soon enough, DeVito sees that his choice of coffee is as old as his character, and he convinces Clooney to train him in the art of good taste.

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12 PM | 29 Oct

Ikea Lovingly Turned These 10 Children’s Drawings Into Actual Plush Toys


To help create this year’s lineup of Soft Toys for Education, global retailer Ikea turned to crayon-wielding kids around the world.

The 10 winning entries have been recreated in loving detail by Ikea’s toy designers, and the creations are now on sale as part of the chain’s annual fundraiser. For each toy purchased, Ikea will donate one euro to children’s education projects via Unicef and Save the Children.

Since launching the charity effort in 2003, the Ikea Foundation has donated more than $90 million to global children’s causes.

Check out this year’s winning submissions below:

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02 PM | 22 Oct

India’s Most Famous Wrestler Stars in India’s Most Hilarious Ad for Cement


It’s tough to find a cement commercial that’s all it’s cracked up to be, but India’s Ambuja Cement has managed it with this amusing mockumentary starring an aging WWE wrestler.

The one-minute spot stars The Great Khali, and underlines the struggles that come with great physical strength: The muscle-bound man unveils his sensitive side while inadvertently knocking over walls, crushing ceilings and falling through floors.

All is solved by the end, though, with a little help from the client (whose logo incidentally features a muscle-man hugging a building).

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12 PM | 14 Oct

Google Used Clickable Paper in Posters Asking People Which Nonprofits It Should Fund


The nonprofits competing in the second Google Impact Challenge have some pretty innovative ideas for how to make the Bay Area a better place to live. And Google’s method of soliciting votes for the contest is pretty cutting edge, too.

72andSunny created “digital paper” posters that people could press to make real-time votes in over 15 neighborhood spots, including restaurants, coffee shops, bus-station shelters and food trucks. The idea was to get as many community votes as possible, and actually getting out into the community accomplishes that much better than only doing an online vote.

“Each voting activation gives a local community a voice in creating a better Bay Area,” says 72andSunny group creative director and partner Matt Murphy. “The digital paper posters made voting easy and engaging, and by stationing each in local hubs, we not only maximized exposure, but also stayed true to Google.org’s commitment to equal access for everyone.”

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