05 PM | 04 Sep

Tech, Meet Fashion


It’s time we stopped calling the current crop of gadgets “wearable tech.” Instead, I propose we start giving them a more appropriate name: “ugly tech.” Because let’s be realistic, most wearables today are really, really ugly.

Take the Pebble, a smart watch with a black-and-white screen, which first had its debut on Kickstarter in 2012. While geeks love the watch for its ability to show text messages and emails, the device itself looks like a small Kindle strapped to your wrist. Smartwatches made by LG, Samsung and Sony aren’t much better, with cheesy faux leather or rubber straps, and thick masculine watch faces that look as if they’re supposed to be paired with a pocket protector.

The Neptune Pine watch is so large, with its 2.4-inch screen, that at first glance it appears to be a joke product meant to poke fun at other gadgets. (Alas, it’s very real.)

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