05 PM | 24 Sep

Getty launches Stream app to view and share extensive photo library

Getty Images has launched its first-ever app, enabling users to access and share the company’s vast image library.

Called ‘Stream’, the app allows users to legally share content for non-commercial use on blogs and social media.

Steve Heck, chief technology officer of Getty Images, said: “Our new, free Stream app delivers Getty Images’ stunning news, sport and entertainment photography straight to your iPhone and iPad, giving you a front row seat to the latest events around the globe.

“Imagery is the world’s most spoken language. People love our award-winning pictures and Stream makes it easier than ever to view – and share – the world through the lens of Getty Images photographers.”

The app, which will be available exclusively on iOS 8 devices including the iPad and iPhone, will be free to download from iTunes.

Earlier this month Getty filed a lawsuit against Microsoft Bing’s image widget which allegedly facilitated a “massive infringement” of Getty Images’ copyright by randomly pulling pictures from the web regardless of photo-ownership.

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