12 PM | 09 Apr

APPLE WATCH REVIEWS: It’s nice, but you shouldn’t buy it


Apple Watch preorders start Friday, and Apple has given a few reviewers the chance to play with the watch before it officially launches on April 24.

After reading many reviews, the general takeaway is this: The watch is a really nice device that has lots of potential, but most people should skip it for now. It’s good for early-adopting techies who live and breathe through their phones, but the rest of the world should wait for the next version of the watch. Or maybe even the version after that.

Some key points:

People are mixed on the Apple Watch’s battery life. Some say it was shorter than expected, while one reviewer said her iPhone died before her Apple Watch. The interface takes some getting used to. It takes “days of adjusting,” according to The New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo. Apple fans will probably love it. It’s more of a luxury gadget than a must-have device. It’s the best smartwatch so far, but it doesn’t necessarily tell us why we need a smartwatch in the first place.

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