01 PM | 09 Oct

HTC’s RE camera is a GoPro for NoPros


Periscope. Asthma inhaler. PVC pipe. These are just a few items that came to mind the first time I saw HTC’s first standalone camera, which the company is simply — and oddly — calling the RE. Even though nothing about this device is normal, it’s catered to the interests of the average Joe. “If you’re going whitewater rafting down rapids, use a GoPro,” an HTC marketing executive said, pointing out that the RE isn’t supposed to compete with the popular action cam. No, HTC’s brand-new imaging device, which should retail for around $200 when it hits US retail outlets like Best Buy later this month, is in a completely different category. But the biggest challenge HTC faces is in convincing buyers that this is better, faster and easier than simply pulling your phone out of your pocket when you need a quick shot.

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