12 PM | 09 Apr

Most Ads Only Seem Interminable, But Watch A Hypnotic Honda Commercial That Actually Never Ends


Honda calls it “the world’s first, never-ending YouTube film,” as it runs continuously, but it’s also personalized using real-time data to visually reflect the time of day and weather of wherever you are in the world. You can also check out what the film looks like making people dizzy night and day everywhere from New York and LA, to Moscow and New Delhi.

Angus Macadam, executive creative director at mcgarrybowen, London says the goal was to find a simple, creative way to show Honda’s never-ending pursuit of improvement. “The biggest challenge was making sure it held people’s interest,” says Macadam. “So we created every weather condition and natural light option, including rainbows, which was hugely complex. And I’ve never ever seen so many tracks put to picture to find the perfect music.”

It’s true, much like the video itself, that creepy whistling will be in your head on an endless loop. You’re welcome. Check out the behind-the-scenes video below.

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