05 PM | 18 Jun

Mobile Video Advertising: Making Unskippable Ads


Our mobile devices have become constant companions. They’re in our hands, in our pockets, and on our bedside tables—everywhere we are. They’re often the first thing we look at in the morning and one of the last things we check before turning in for the night. So what does this powerful connection mean for creatives and the stories we tell? And how does that small screen affect the way people experience these stories?

Ad creatives have long lamented mobile. The small screen can be a challenging canvas for big stories. Yet we know that brands can establish a deeper personal connection on mobile, more so than on TV or desktop. So as the mobile world increasingly shifts to video, brands need to figure out how to tell new and better brand stories on mobile devices.

Introducing Unskippable Labs What resonates with people in mobile video advertising? And how is that different from what resonates on TV? Nobody knows. The best way to try to understand this emerging mobile world is to experiment: Put creative out there and see what people respond to in meaningful, measurable ways. Using YouTube TrueView, an ad format that allows people to choose if they want to watch or skip an ad, we tested three alternate cuts of the same story to understand what makes an ad worth watching. We also used Google’s Brand Lift solution to gather metrics like ad recall and brand awareness, which helped us understand if particular cuts were more impactful than others. Our key question with these experiments was simply: What makes an ad unskippable?

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11 AM | 23 Oct

Evolution Of Brands: From Campaign Engines To Storytelling



(Marketingmagazine.com.my) – It’s pretty clear by now that the next level of growth for social platforms is and will be coming in from Asia. But as I attend industry events and talk to my peers here, I realize that emphasis is still on the ‘why’ of social media than the ‘how’. Many Asian brands have a long way to go in embracing social for what it truly is – having meaningful conversations with your consumers or potential consumers. You don’t need to be a Rocket scientist to figure out that Social Media is a great way to humanise a brand, develop a relationship with your consumers and be present when it matters the most.

But as the days of ad-hoc social media campaigns come to end and as CXO’s demand ROI from their social teams, the pressure is now mounting to prove that these conversations are making a tangible business impact. Brands are still so fixated with the creation and growth of communities that they forget why they are in this medium in the first place. This leads us to scrutinize two areas that many social media practitioners are currently not focused on, which is content marketing and not having the right measurements in place.

Let’s address the first aspect that is content marketing in this post.

The world is definitely a different place since the advent of social. Consumers are far ahead in the content creation and the curation game than the brands. The below infographic – ‘What happens in an Internet Minute?’ – clearly articulates my point that content is aggregating around consumers and not brands.

This has made brands clearly uncomfortable and desperate. They have been so used to thinking about long duration campaigns, when the consumer is obviously asking for a daily conversational content. The situation is getting so bad that there is even a page on Facebook dedicated at ridiculing brands that just don’t get social content marketing. You can visit Condescending Corporate Brand Page and have a good laugh and get a taste of how brands are making a fool of themselves while trying to attempt daily social conversations. And this is exactly what happens when a brand thinks that they can switch gears from campaigns to daily conversations, without having a detailed ‘Content Strategy’.

To evolve and have a great ‘Content Strategy’ for Social Media, a brand needs to transform themselves to think like a ‘Publisher’. It’s almost like owning a newspaper or a news channel and figuring out what will you talk about next.

So what is the journey that needs to be taken by a brand to become a great storyteller?

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