12 PM | 11 Sep

Clothing Line Integrates Technology into Each Shirt for Seamless Use


Technology and gadgets are pretty much something that people can’t do without everyday – so much so that a startup called Bond & Co. has made it its mission to create clothing that incorporates technology into its design.

Bond & Co. describes itself as a socially responsible clothing company whose founders moved to India a couple of years ago with the goal of helping improve people’s lives by providing them jobs. The company designs and manufactures shirts with “tech features” that include smartphone pockets or special earphone holders so that wearers can use their technology seamlessly with the help of strategic clothing design.

The company’s first line of clothing are men’s dress shirts that are designed to accommodate earphones and smartphones. The dress shirts have secret chest pockets designed to hold smartphones in almost , while every shirt in the company’s product line includes special earbud holders that keep them hidden yet accessible and comfortable to use.

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