12 PM | 29 Oct

Design a Bentley Using Your Emotions


UK based luxury car brand Bentley Motors has launched an app that generates a personalized virtual Bentley based on a person’s passions, lifestyle and personality type. The Inspirator app is a next generation digital car configurator that uniquely shows how a Bentley would look if they chose its design based on their mentality and tastes.

Emotion-recognition software measures and analyzes users’ emotions based on nuanced facial expressions by utilizing the device’s camera function. The accurate emotion metrics algorithms were built using the world’s largest emotion data repository, with 3.4 million faces analyzed in 75 countries amounting to more than 12 billion emotion data points.

The Inspirator app identifies 34 facial landmarks at 15 frames per second as the viewer watches stimulating film content shown on screen. The app monitors their reactions and interprets them to configure their perfect Bentley. Their reactions dictate a unique film narrative because the film changes depending on the moments the viewer responds to most positively. It also deciphers their preferences in order to create a unique vehicle configuration, which is revealed at the end of the film. Users can then develop the design further and personalize it using numerous bespoke options.

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