01 PM | 27 Nov

Here’s How CPG Marketers Are Getting an Edge This Holiday Season


How will CPG marketers use programmatic this holiday season? And what does the landscape of multiscreen programmatic look like in the year ahead? These are the kinds of questions we’ve addressed in our latest guide, “Brand Triumph: Multiscreen Programmatic Campaigns for CPG.”

Programmatic is enabling a new level of audience aggregation and targeting that marketers everywhere should be excited about. Here are three of the biggest reasons CPG marketers are embracing data solutions:

Superior segmentation drives sales When working with an audience-driven programmatic vendor like Collective BarCode, CPG brand advertisers can configure audiences by selecting from among thousands of attributes, including online behavior, TV consumption and actual household purchasing behavior, as well as demographics. This takes advantage of proprietary audience segments to pinpoint consumers who are driving sales.

Americans multitask, but TV commercials still get through Consumers are bombarded with advertising on every device. but are any of those marketing messages getting through? An IAB study found that the regular multitaskers are more actively engaged in researching products online before buying them and more likely to watch TV commercials than the general population. Programmatic solutions make it possible to coordinate TV ad schedules with the delivery of online and mobile advertising.

Path to purchase passes in a moment In 2011, Google coined the term Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), meaning that the Web enables consumers to make a buying decision at almost the precise moment they have a need. Since then, mobile has changed the game again. Now more than 56 percent of purchase decisions are now made before the consumer gets to a retail destination, according to the NPD Group report “Before the Store.” And Forrester estimates that $1.8 trillion in retail sales—more than half—will be influenced by online research by 2017. Data is quickly becoming the only way to successfully reach today’s shoppers.

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