05 PM | 21 Aug



There is no shortage of marketers rushing to meet consumers where they live online, to elbow their way in and find even a moment of relevance amidst the cacophony of tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook updates, and every other platform that defines the current age of casual communication.

It’s taken years for many brands to get a handle on just how to organize and create for Twitter and Facebook, then something like Snapchat comes along and marketers are faced with the challenge of engaging via an app in which the content disappears in seconds. And, as with every emerging platform that promises a pathway to a young audience, there’s the eternal challenge: the struggle between figuring out an application that makes strategic sense for a brand, and stands on its own creatively, and just getting the hell on there and getting that sweet, sweet millennial attention. And, when it comes to the promise of the latter, the pull of Snapchat is too strong to resist. A recent Comscore report found that with 32.9% penetration, Snapchat was the third most popular social app among 18-34-year-olds (behind Facebook and Instagram, but ahead of Twitter, Pinterest, and Vine). And if you look at just the 18-24-year-old base, the app has 50% penetration. The company is said to have about 30 million active users and claims that people send and view more than 700 million pictures and 500 million “stories”–which allow brands to create longer narratives that last 24 hours–a day.

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