04 PM | 23 Apr

Hydroponic Billboard Grows Thousands of Lettuce Heads Each Week


Not all is wonderful when it comes to industrialization and manufacturing. For the capital of Peru, these things mean toxic runoff and contaminated food supplies. But in the Bujama region of Lima, a water-gerating billboard is generating fresh water and growing lettuce for the local community.

Air Orchard is a billboard that sits alongside the Panamericana Sur, Peru’s largest freeway, and extracts water from the air. A system of dehumidifiers is used for the withdrawal and filtering of the water, and the potable liquid is then transported through nutrient-lined PVC pipes to feed the hydroponic lettuce farm below.

For Lima, this development is huge, as crops laced with arsenic are cancerous hazards for the city’s population. By capturing water from the air before it reaches the polluted ground, Air Orchard is making it healthier for people to live in the developing urban area. The billboard produces approximately 2,400 heads of lettuce each week, all of which are distributed on the weekends to locals and passerby.

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