12 PM | 18 Feb

Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman Are Presidents Once Again in Chrysler’s Fun New Ads


Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman give delightfully cheeky presidential performances in Wieden + Kennedy’s new campaign for Chrysler.

Of course, neither man has actually been elected to our nation’s highest office. Still, they’ve both excelled at playing presidents—Sheen on The West Wing and Pullman in Independence Day. And now, they face off in a debate of sorts that works on its own comic terms while playfully (some might say pointedly) tapping into the current election-year zeitgeist.

In the “American-est” spot below, Pullman, driving a Chrysler 200, pulls up beside Sheen, who’s kicking back in a 300 model, and the jousting begins. Sheen insists Americans “deserve the most advanced all-wheel-drive system in its class.” Pullman concurs, but wonders, “Why are you wrapping yourself up in the flag?” Sheen counters: “I’m wrapping myself up in Napa leather, adorned with this Old Glory pin, so you know I’m patriotic.” When Pullman muses that Sheen’s rhetoric might be “all a little star-spangled nonsense,” the latter replies, “I spangle everything. Everything I own is star-spangled … everything.”

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