12 PM | 12 Nov

Periscope for iOS lets you find replays on a map and fast-forward through them


Periscope has got an update on iOS that lets you find streams from the past 24 hours on a map and skip ahead while watching them. The latest version is now on par in features with its Android counterpart.

The app’s global map previously showed only ongoing streams around the world and was limited to showing 250 broadcasts at any given point of time.

When you load the map on the latest version, it’ll display all streams as well as replays from the last 24 hours, from the region you’re looking at. Pan and zoom into any area and the app will rescan Periscope’s network to show you live broadcasts in red and replays in blue.

Source: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2015/11/11/periscope-for-ios-lets-you-find-replays-on-a-map-and-fast-forward-through-them/