07 PM | 09 Jul

Reddit mods defend AMA blackout: ‘The issue goes beyond Reddit’


Brian Lynch and Courtnie Swearingen, two attorneys and Reddit moderators for the popular subreddit r/iAmA, released an op-ed today in the New York Times that catalogued the frustrations that led to the blackout on the subreddit — and later, much of the website — nearly a week ago, when the company abruptly fired talent director Victoria Taylor, also known as /u/chooter.

“Ms. Taylor’s sudden termination is just the most recent example of management’s making changes without thinking through what those changes might mean for the people who use the site on a daily basis,” they wrote.

According to the pair, which in turn cite company statistics, the r/iAmA alone receives more than 8.5 million subscribers and between 20 and 30 million page views per month — largely fueled by its successful discussions with luminaries like Bill Gates and Barack Obama. Lynch and Swearingen both started contributing as moderators while still students, and now spend free minutes away from their full-time jobs moderating the site.

That work is in high volume, but the moderators built their system with Taylor in mind — relying on an in-house person to help facilitate logistics between the subjects and the moderators. However, when they found out Taylor had been fired through someone who had been scheduled for an AMA, they temporarily closed the subreddit to figure out how to go on without her. That’s when they were surprised by the response from the wider Reddit community.

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