03 PM | 26 Nov

The Future of Living and Work According to the IKEA Laboratory


If you’re trying to find new ways to work and live, outside-the-box solutions for sustainability, healthier living, or productive office environments, you have a choice. Either sit in a cubicle and try to imagine such things, or build a space where you can try them out in real-world conditions.

Space10 in Copenhagen’s meat-packing district is just such a place. Formed in partnership with the IKEA laboratory, Space10 is a future-living laboratory where designers, creatives and makers can work to realize their concepts, test them out, and exhibit them to others—all in the same workspace.

“We have tried to create the optimal conditions for a fast-paced, visionary and bold environment to foster and conceptualize radical ideas that we can test fast,“ says Carla Cammilla Hjort, CEO and founder of Space10.

Source: http://www.psfk.com/2015/11/ikea-laboratory-space10-future-living-lab-futue-of-living-and-work.html