06 PM | 11 Feb

Vibrating Jerseys Introduce a Fourth Dimension of Fandom


A six-five, 300-pound defensive lineman hits your favorite player on the field: Blam. You jump to your feet in the stands to see the call on a forced fumble, but you’ve already felt it deep in your chest. There’s a connection between you and the running back, sending a buzz via Bluetooth through his jersey to yours.

That’s the future of sports that technology company Wearable Experiments envisions. They unveiled the Fan Jersey during Super Bowl 50. The jersey uses haptic feedback transmitted from players on the field via Bluetooth and vibrations in the jersey. Wearers can feel sensations at 1st and 10, 4th Down, Interception, Field Goal, Forced Fumble, Red Zone and touchdowns.

To read more http://www.psfk.com/2016/02/fan-jerseys-billie-whitehouse-wearable-experiments-super-bowl-50.html