10 AM | 02 Oct

Windows 10 Preview and OS X Yosemite Look More Alike Than Ever Before


So just how similar are Windows 10 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite?

My immediate takeaway from Tuesday’s Windows 10 Preview event was “Wow, this looks a lot like OS X.” I say that not with any judgment — just as an observation.

On Wednesday, the Windows 10 Preview became available to advanced users and developers and I rushed to install it on a spare machine. I also happen to have a test machine running the latest OS X Yosemite GM. You know what that means? Operating system with ten in the title face-off!

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Up until Windows 8, the OS X and Windows desktop worlds were running on similar — if still unique — paths. Sure, one had a dock and the other a Start menu, but the overall trajectory had similarly aligned goals.

All of that changed with Windows 8. Where Apple has long had the philosophy of keeping iOS and OS X separate — shared design language and some window dressing aside — Microsoft decided to go in a different, unified direction. It didn’t really work out.

Now, with Windows 10, Microsoft is righting the Windows ship and going back to a desktop-first experience. Don’t worry touch customers — Microsoft isn’t abandoning you — but the focus, especially for the enterprise-targeted Windows 10 Preview, is clearly on winning over the hearts and minds of desktop consumers.

So what does Microsoft’s new vision for the desktop look like? Well, it looks an awful like what Apple has envisioned for OS X.

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