02 PM | 28 Aug

With a Twitter Card Tweak, You Can Design Your New Acura in a Tweet


Want to design your own car? Now you can, without leaving the comfort of Twitter.

Acura has taken Twitter cards to a new level of interactivity. Before you could watch media–YouTube, news stories, and Vines– inside of a tweet. Now you can actually make media yourself. As part of a big new multi-platform push from agency Mullen L.A., the brand’s largest marketing campaign to date, the company now lets you configure a TLX inside of a series of Twitter cards. You can pick the engine, steering model, and color. Then, of course, you can tweet your finished “creation” for the world to see. It’s pretty paint-by-numbers and the options are limited. (Sorry kids, no custom rims, seat covers, or spoilers as of yet.) But it’s a small step forward for this highly efficient creative medium. “We see a lot of alignment between Twitter’s active users and people interested in the TLX. Twitter has interesting targeting options and some ad units that we’ve used successfully but we wanted something completely new to introduce Twitter users to the TLX and jumped at the opportunity to create this card,” says an Acura spokesperson.

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